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Gunnar Olason singer/guitar

Gunnar Ólason singer/guitarist grew up in a small town in Iceland which is famous for it’s milk products. His musical and singing talent was evident from early on when he could sing the hit song “My life” by Billy Joel at the tender age of one. When he was 12 he was in a band and landed his first paid music job and after that there was no turning back. A couple of years later in 1989 he started one of the most popular bands in Iceland “Skítamórall” with his friends and now 22 years later, they are still playing together and producing hit records. He is the lead singer of the band and guitarist.  He has recorded six albums one of which included a song by Sjonni Brink and their albums have reached gold platinum sales. The band has toured all over Iceland and is a household name there, performing on TV and concerts of every kind. Gunnar and Sjonni performed as a duo for seven years, they were close friends and together they had started to record an album with acoustic versions of their favorite songs. Gunnar has competed on behalf of Iceland in the ESC before in Copenhagen in 2001. He was one of the singers in the duet Two Tricky with the song “Angel”. He is currently studying for a Bachelor degree in International Relations and recording his own music which is acoustic soul and blues music. Gunnar is a bit of a loner, who is known for his big apetite and considers himself as the shy one of Sjonni’s Friends although we see him as the rocker in the group.