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Our first appearance at Euroclub!

Following the sight-seeing tour yesterday Sjonni's Friends and the Icelandic delegation went out to dinner at a brazilian restaurant. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet where the waiters brought out different kinds of meat - cooked and served brazilian style. We can say with certainty that the group had some difficulties getting up after such an amazing meal. Sjonni's Friends entertained the staff and other guests at the restaurant by giving a surprise performance before they left where they sang Coming Home for the cheering crowd. These likeable guys have no trouble making friends everywhere they go!

From there Sjonni's Friends headed to the EuroClub - the place where all accredited press, artists and delegations can go to relax after a long day of rehearsals and press conferences. There we met the beautiful Mika Newton from Ukraine and also Nadine Beiler from Austria. Sjonni's Friends are scheduled to perform at the EuroClub next Friday which they are very much looking forward to. 

In the press center journalists and fans can vote for the countries they think are most likely to make through to the final. Sjonni's Friends are now in 11th place and have moved upwards since yesterday when they were ranked #12. The voting is as follows:

1. Azerbaijan

2. Russia

3. Norway

4. Turkey

5. Greece

6. Finland

7. Poland

8. Hungary

9. Armenia

10. Serbia

11. Iceland