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Sjonni's Friends

In one of the most special and unique events in the history of the Eurovision song contest, Sjonni's Friends will take the stage in Dusseldorf in May 2011 to sing and to honor the memory of their dear friend songwriter and singer Sjonni Brink.

Our lovely and talented Sjonni Brink wrote the vivacious upbeat song & lyrics with his wife actress Thorunn Clausen and was scheduled to sing the song in the Icelandic preselection on the 29th of January this year when he sadly and unexpectedly passed away in his home from a brain aneurysm on the 17th of January. The song is a country influenced, rythmic, feelgood, upbeat, ‘ballad’ with references to the songs of McCartney, the hypnotizing singalong effect of ‘Björn and Benny’ and last but not least the endless charm of Sjonni Brink and it has a beautiful message to us all. We never know when our time will come so we must live life to the fullest and focus on all the love in our lives

Love is you!