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Benedikt Brynleifsson singer/drums

Benedikt Brynleifsson is one of the busiest drummers in Iceland. Playing professionally for 11 years he has played with most of the top artists and bands in Iceland. He recently played with artist Paul Oscar and the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and further concerts are scheduled for this summer in Reykjavík’s grand new concert hall Harpa. He is also a member and drummer of the band Rokk, which his dear friend Sigurjón Brink fronted and started. This is Benedikts third time in the Eurovision Song contest; In Helsinki in 2007 he was the drummer on stage with Eiríkur Hauksson in the song “Valentine lost” and he was also with the Euroband in Serbia in 2008. Benedikt has quite a lot of TV experience, has worked as a model for years and appeared in various commercials. His TV experience as a musician is also vaste and he played for example with the house band for the Icelandic POP IDOL and X-FACTOR TV shows. He has played drums on over 20 albums and countless singles in studios and is in high demand as a drummer for sessions of all kinds.

His 3-piece rock band 200.000 Naglbítar is also working on an album.

We can tell you a little secret about Benedikt. Despite what you might think, he is not a Manchester United football player nor is he the lead singer of Maroon 5.

 Benedikt is however engaged and a father of two. He likes playing golf and is the best golfer in the group and a bit of a wild child.