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Matthias Matthiasson singer

Matthías grew up in a small town in the north of Iceland called Dalvík. He was first noticed in the musical Hair at the age of 18 and a year later he was nominated for the Icelandic music awards, as “best newcomer”, for his role in Jesus Christ Superstar in 1995. His powerful high ranged rock voice is loved by the Icelanders and Matthías is considered one of Iceland’s strongest and most technical singers, known for being able to reach the high notes from the moment he wakes up in the morning. Matthías has sung with some of Iceland’s biggest bands, rolling in a number of gold and platinum albums for his work. The Rolling Stones Magazine described one of his bands  Dúndurfréttir as: "The best Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin cover band ever".

This band has staged several big concert evenings with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra covering for example The Wall by Roger Waters and Pink Floyd. Among other projects with the orchestra is “War of the worlds” by Jeff Payne. Matthías is the English and Icelandic singing voice for the widely recognized Sportacus in Nickolodeon’s world renowned children’s TV show Lazytown. His most recent theatre work includes Eddie in the The Rocky Horror Picture show and Claude in the musical Hair. Matthías is a family man and has three sons with his beautiful wife Brynja. He has an amazing, but useless talent. He can say everything you say backwards without thinking.

Matti was also the CEO of the Icelandic railroad company, which is weird because there are no railroads in Iceland.